“I don’t understand why in the year of 2020, we’re still fighting systemic and institutionalized racism,” said Miamon Queeglay, addressing the crowd outside the headquarters of the Osseo Area Schools on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. They were gathered to send a message to the school board to address racial disparities in the district.  

Later, the board voted 3-1 to approve a resolution that not only honors the life of George Floyd, but lays out a series of 15 proposals aimed at supporting students and staff members of color in the district. Miamon Queeglay is a strong supporter of the resolution.  Click on the button to read the resolution.

"Miamon Queeglay is a rock star for anti-racist education and for supporting our kids of every identity."                                   

 -- Jackie Mosqueda-Jones

Osseo School Board member


Miamon Queeglay's Vision

for Osseo Area Schools


"I am a proud champion of Osseo Area Schools. We are doing many things right and have much to celebrate--which is why my husband and I have chosen to raise our children in the district. But I am running for school board because I cannot ignore the biggest problem in the district: a significant opportunity gap. We are not meeting the educational needs of every student.


I am passionate about ensuring that every student is provided with a healthy learning community and positive identity development. I want to work alongside educators, families and community partners to help remove barriers that prevent students from fulfilling their educational potential. I believe that each student can achieve great things and it is our moral obligation to make this possible.

My top priorities as a member of the Osseo School Board will be:

  1. Making wellness central to education. Healthy students make better learners. My expertise in the community schools model and creating school and community health partnerships will be of great benefit as the district works to enhance the learning environment for historically under-served students. 

  2. Providing equity for all students by amplifying the voices of students, parents, and teachers of color. The recent walk-out by teachers over health and safety concerns during this summer's Freedom School program is an example of ongoing disparities in educational excellence in the Osseo district.

  3. Achieving appropriate class sizes to increase staff retention and create a cohesive learning environment children. I will be a voice for our community to insist that teachers have classroom sizes that are safe and appropriate to their students' needs.

If you share my commitment to and vision for Osseo Area Schools, join my campaign and let's create a healthy learning environment for every student!"                                                                              -- Miamon Queeglay