Who is Miamon Queeglay?

  • A proud graduate of Zanewood Elementary, Northview Junior High, and Osseo Senior High. (Go Orioles!)

  • A happy wife and the proud mom of three Osseo school students.

  • A first generation American, born in the US, whose parents immigrated from Liberia. 

  • A graduate of St. Catherine's University in St. Paul with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health.

  • A volunteer leader for the Metro Refugee Health Taskforce.

  • The Chair of the NW Hennepin Family Service Collaborative, and a committee member of Partnership for Change, a collaborative working to reduce drug use among youth and young adults in northwest Hennepin County.

  • An expert in the intersection of education and public health.

MQueeglay family 2020.JPG


Miamon is the Community Schools Manager for Brooklyn Center Community Schools ISD #286. Her professional responsibilities include managing the district's Health Resource Center--a free and low-cost clinic for students and the community--and developing the partnerships that provide medical and mental health services in the clinic. She also coordinates community and family engagement events that focus on eliminating the social barriers to health care for district 286 families. By implementing the community schools model, Miamon provides a holistic approach to the education and well-being of students, families, and community. When elected, she will bring this unique professional expertise to the Osseo Area School Board.

"I am running for Osseo School Board because I will be a champion for our amazing district in all its beautiful diversity. As a public health and community schools expert, first generation Liberian, Osseo schools graduate, and--most importantly--the mother of three boys who are Osseo students, I am committed to creating a healthy learning community for every student. Join my campaign and let's make Osseo schools even better!" 

--  Miamon Queeglay

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